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A moment of growling

I was so close to having the best Christmas I've had in years. My brother and sister came over early (around noon) and we had decent conversation. Not once did my brother say anything hurtful. Dinner was fantastic. Good food. Great conversation.

Then dinner was over, the table was getting cleaned, and all of a sudden everyone's packing up to go to Granny's house like this is the way we always do things (which it isn't, we've always gone to Granny's on Boxing Day or Christmas Eve).

Now I'm the bad guy for getting upset that I wasn't informed about this plan. Mom and Dad claimed that they talked to be about this, but they didn't. I had thought that we would spend the evening playing card games or watching movies, like we've done nearly every Christmas for the past few years. I really don't want to cross the border tonight; I don't want to be force fed sugary confections that aren't in my current diet (how is it that everyone in my family continually guilts me into eating whatever sweet thing they've concocted and are offended if I refuse a second helping, but they will also harp about my weight and how I need to lose more?); I also don't want to sit in a room staring at the walls, saying nothing, for several hours. I had planned on visiting Granny later on this week or maybe next week. I've seen her more in the last three months than my brother and sister have seen her in a year.

And what do I hear from my parents when I tell them that I'm not going with them?
"What am I supposed to tell Granny when she asks why you didn't come?"

I don't think she'll ask that, though. Granny may ask where I am tonight, but not why I didn't come. She knows that I'll come for a visit soon enough. I may even leave early next Saturday and visit her for a while before my parents and I go to see my older sister and her family, but tonight I didn't visit my grandmother on principle.

Why should I drop everything just for my stupid brother?!? He has a nice job which makes him enough money to drive up and visit her once in a while (not just at Christmas). He sets his own hours so it's not like he would be losing money setting aside a day to visit her. The same goes for Cheryl. I don't have money to visit Granny, but I still do.

More guilt will be thrown at me when they get home and I'm not looking forward to sidestepping that.

Thanks for wrecking my Christmas, family. I know you'll try to say the same of me, but you and I know that it's just not true.
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