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It's almost official

My parents are planing on ditching me for Thanksgiving.

Last weekend, my brother called and asked if my parents would like to escort him to SanDiego when he leaves this coming weekend. They then decided that they would take their time in returning and stop in Bakersfield to have Thanksgiving dinner with their friends. They also asked my little sister if she wanted to go (and of course, she said yes --who wouldn't turn down a free vacation to california, especially when they're unemployed and not in school!). So now I'm stuck at home without family for Thanksgiving weekend and, on top of all the school work, I need to take care of my Granny while they're gone--taking her grocery shopping and cleaning and maybe doing some cooking.

Maybe when I told them I was offended at their harty response to my brother's request, I should have asked them that if I started behaving out of character and/or misbehaving in general if they would start treating me with the same undivided attention and allowing me to take thousands of dollars of their hard earned money for the sake of "being independant."

But I just told them that I felt offended that they would jump to help out B.J. even though they don't approve of his decision to move, but when I wanted to move to Austin they didn't do a thing (and they liked the thought of me moving there). I also I told them I was offended that they're bringing Cheryl along with them. So they asked if I wanted to go. Well, I do, but I can't because I'm not done with school yet!!! Yeah, I can just stop going to school in the middle of the hardest quarter and go to California for two weeks. Sure, no problem!

They think that by bringing Cheryl along with them it will help her break-up with her boyfriend and move home. They seriously need help and I can't do a thing.
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