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Mom even gave me the "you're in trouble" voice!

So, my mom was talking with one of her siblings and/or their spouse, and learned that my cousin Jasmine, the next-oldest grandchild after myself and seriphina (in that order), has gotten herself tattooed. Well, no big deal, she's over 21 and married, to a guy who has some rather nice tattoos himself.

The problem here? Evidently, when her mother found out, Jasmine told her, "Well, Tanayle has tattoos!" As if my few, simple tattoos were sole justification, with no mention of her own rather colourfully adorned husband.

The one time someone in the family actively follows my example and gives me credit for such, and it's this? Bunch of nutters.....
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Ha! I didn't hear about that. That's pretty darn funny right there.
No joke! This was pretty recently, within the past couple months. I swear Mom expected me to 'fess up to some sort of conspiricy or something.
Like no one else on this planet (or even in the family) has a tattoo. Honestly!
Oh! I know what it must be! You must have use dyour evil telepathic powers to bore into Jasmine's mind and used subliminal messaging within your evil messages of kill and destroy all to trick her into getting a tattoo.
Yeah, that must be it.
Something like that. I have to wonder (and so does mom, once she got over giving me "the voice") why Jasmine chose me, and not anyone else. Seriously, she's seen me like 3 or 4 times in the past ten years!
Oh boy. I guess that seals for all eternity your role as the black sheep.